Crop Nutrition

Sapec’s mission is to be a leading reference for both distributors and growers as a producer of innovative specialty products

Global player in special nutrition

Sapec has operated for a long time in the fertilizer business, with a strong presence in Portugal and Spain.
Since 2001, with the acquisition of Tradecorp in Spain, Sapec Agro Business developed the business of specialized nutrition and biostimulation, through strong international expansion.

In fact, since then, we have continually expanded with a two-digit growth figure every year.
This business is characterized by the development and production of different plant nutrients, focused on reducing nutritional deficiencies and improving agricultural production, seeking to expand the utilization of the maximum genetic potential of crops.

Sapec’s mission is to be a leading reference for both distributors and growers as a producer of innovative specialty products. This is achieved through the commercialization of high quality, differentiated products and services, while maximizing value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

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The sustainable development of the market of biostimulants is one of the most important drivers of modern farming. Agriculture seeks to be more and more efficient and environmentally friendly in order to get better yields with lower inputs. Thus, biostimulants are indispensable. The biostimulants global market is valued at more than a Billion Euro and is expected to grow at a fast and sustainable rate in the next decade.

Sapec Agro Business’s growth has been strong over the years and we have established a leading position in targeted markets and segments. Biostimulants are one of the most important pillars of our portfolio and we are committed to promoting its development and the role of plant biostimulants in making agriculture more sustainable. In order to achieve this goal, Tradecorp, our specialized company in plant physiology and crop nutrition, has acquired OGT, a company specialized in the harvesting and processing of seaweed.

This acquisition strengthened the position of both companies, as strong synergies exist between the Amenity market and the Agricultural market. OGT will further develop its leading position in the international Amenity markets (golf courses and sports fields). Sapec Agro Business will have access to top quality raw material thus improving its biostimulant portfolio and ultimately benefitting the farmer with access to new and high quality products that meet the needs of a demanding agriculture.