Crop Protection

Become a benchmark Group in the differentiated, independent and international generic products market

A success story

sapec-logo-50-anosIn the mid-1960s Sapec started its Crop Protection business.
Initially, it was an accessory business in Portugal, representing third-party brands. Later we create a growing portfolio of generic products, in which area we became specialized, making Sapec a market leader in Portugal in the late 1990s.
A new strategic option arose at the beginning of this century, marking the Group’s position regarding the future, expanding our presence throughout Southern Europe.

In a regulatory scenario of crop protection molecules review at European level and with the guideline of the Sapec Group’s focus on this business, we redefined a new vision for the future: become a benchmark Group in the differentiated, independent and international generic products market.
We aim to double our turnover in 5 years and the reasons for the company’s way forward lie in the internationalization strategy, the robustness of our portfolio and our marketing, manufacturing and regulatory expertise.

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Biological products

Emerging trend

Differentiation and innovation are key elements for a company that wants to be at the forefront, as is the capacity to look forward to new trends.
The IPM (Integrated Pest Management) concept is today a wider concept that combines the basic foundations of organic farming with the driving motive of conventional agriculture mainly focused on productivity.

In this recent IPM concept biopesticides and biostimulants, together with conventional crop protection products, will play an important role in maximizing quality and productivity, while reducing to a needful limit the environmental impact.
Taking into account this scenario, natural origin products, such as microbial pesticides, plant extracts, pheromones and others, will show growing potential in the future.

Predicting this trend and its opportunities, Sapec Agro Business is developing this emerging business area, benefiting from the complementarity of its business lines. Crop Protection and Crop Nutrition portfolios are being revamped to offer a complete range of solutions that will contribute to better sustainability of the farming world.


Animal and public health

Fully aware of our potential, as well as our internal and external assets, Sapec Group decided to diversify its activity by creating a new business area, focusing on veterinarian medicine and biocide products.
Having defined a strategy, the intention is to take advantage of the synergies resulting from crop protection molecules support at European level and all the company’s know-how, ensuring that veterinarian medicine and biocide products enter the various rural and urban markets.

This involves on the one hand producing and commercializing veterinarian medicine, targeting livestock producers in terms of animal health needs, as well as pet owners’ needs. On the other hand the intention is to control major public health pests through biocides.
As a result of the actions undertaken, we have obtained international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificates and authorization to manufacture ectoparasiticide veterinary medicines and veterinary products at its manufacturing facilities in Setúbal.

GMP certification for the synthesis of active ingredients (pyretroids) for veterinary medicines was also obtained as a tool to strengthen our independence and capacity to maximize the opportunities in this area of activity. Sapec Group is thus the single holder of such certifications in Portugal and one of the few in Europe.
This activity is supported by an extensive team which covers throughout the Sapec Agro Business organization not only aspects relating to manufacturing, quality control and development, but also logistics and marketing.