Taking part in one of the greatest challenges that our planet will have to resolve in the coming decades is for us a source of motivation, responsibility and commitment.

Ensuring all people, present and future inhabitants of this planet, a healthy, balanced and accessible food supply without jeopardizing the environmental balance is not only an obligation but also essential, as failing to do so may revive economic or geopolitical tensions which proved disastrous in the past.
In the face of a growing world population globally we have resources, technology, expertise and the financial means to meet this great challenge for humanity.
It will be necessary to improve the management and allocation of resources, to invest in support and transport infrastructures, it will require investing in education and training and also a balanced and sustainable increase in agricultural productivity.

This increase in productivity will be achieved among others through general improvement in plant health. Measured and appropriate nutrition will on the one hand ensure better growth and resistance for the plant, and the targeted application of preventive and curative treatments will on the other hand provide the plant with the essential conditions for a normal life cycle.

Through our two core businesses, at Sapec Agro Business we are committed to plant health, both as regards its protection and its nutrition. We strive to find the best solutions for our distribution and farming partners, so that together we can respond to this fundamental challenge.
As Agro Business collaborators we want, above all, to understand, to feel, to see and to be near the reality of farmers’ life. We want to understand our markets, our customers, the crops and the nature around them, and to do this we are always in the field and in constant dialogue with those who work there.
It is through this close presence and this dialogue that the most appropriate and relevant solutions to the many challenges inherent to agricultural reality are born.

We are motivated and proud to contribute positively to this great challenge facing humanity and to work for this primary sector to which the world owes its past and future survival. This we do by respecting, now and in the future, a framework of values and responsibilities that has always been present in our Group.

CEO, Sapec Agro Business
Eric van Innis