Beyond Nature


The exponential growth of the world population, associated with the prosperity of the populations of the emerging markets, requires a corresponding increase in food production.
According to FAO, agricultural production in 2050 must be 60% higher. Given the limited resources (agricultural area and water), the growth of agricultural production will have to be obtained by increasing productivity, as a result of technological improvements.

A huge challenge for humanity!

  • Resources Management
  • Biotechnological Developments
  • Agricultural Efficiency
  • Sustainability


The genetic potential of a plant is determined by its DNA and the expression of this potential is influenced by external factors.
These include abiotic factors such as water, light and climate, as well as stress factors caused by poor nutrition, disease, weeds or insect damage.
Within this scenario, appropriate protection, nutrition and biostimulation of crops play a key role.
It is estimated that on average, the farmer exploits only 30% of the genetic potential of the plant and that 50% of agricultural production would be ruined if no crop protection products and nutrients were used.

  • Protect, so as not to limit resources
  • Nourish, in order to maximize them


The Group’s people, more than 700 today, are the driving force of its performance and have accompanied the growth of the business, wherever it is.
The growth of Sapec’s international markets has fuelled the increase of its international teams, which now represent almost a fourth of the total workforce. Sapec Agro Business’ vocation to be close to farmers has promoted the strong growth of the commercial teams across the globe, today with more than 250 agronomists, comprising more than 20 nationalities.
The Group’s ambition is to grow along a path which has proven its sustainability and profitability. The next four years of Sapec business plan open new opportunities, both in the continuation of organic growth and in the acquisition or introduction of new markets or products.


Creating value is the commitment to a successful project; it is the commitment of Sapec Agro Business.
We help to feed a growing world population, in harmony with the surrounding community and ensuring an offer of excellence to the agricultural producer who trusts in our solutions:

  • Because it is in our own nature to be a Group that CREATES SUSTAINABLE VALUE!