Sapec Agro Business presents for the 1st Time a pioneer solution for plant protection at Agri Innovation Summit 2017

The first edition of Agri Innovation Summit will be held in Portugal on 11th and 12th October, this exclusive meeting about innovation applied to agriculture will gather the main European influencers and decision-makers of the sector.

The initiative was developed by INOVISA in collaboration with the Portuguese Government, the European Union, and many other entities related to the sector. More than 500 farmers, agricultural companies, start-ups, researchers national and European authorities have already booked its presence.

Sapec Agro Business operating for more than 90 years in this sector will take this remarkable opportunity to disclose a project that has been developing for the last years with the support of Horizon 2020. Entitled Hybrid XXI, the new solution comprises a greener plant protection option which combines the benefits of biological substances with the efficacy of non-organic raw materials.

The challenge of the agricultural sector is increasing with each passing year, the lower surface of the arable land, unstable climatic conditions and the forecast of a significant growth of the world population are some of the factors that require adjusting the existing model. According to figures provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the world population is expected to reach 9.1 billion by 2050, a 34% increase when compared to current figures. To meet the global nutritional needs the food production must increase about 70%. (Source: How to Feed the World in 2050, Synthesis Report by FAO)