Sapec Agro Business registers an innovative herbicide patent for cereals

The latest innovation of Sapec Agro Business, an herbicide patent for post-emergence application on cereal crops, has recently obtained the approval by the National Institute of Industrial Property. Iodosulfuron-Methyl, Florasulam and Diflufenican are the main components of the new solution developed in water-dispersible granules (WG) formulation. Indicated for the control of weeds in winter and spring cereals the new specialty is intended to durum and soft wheat, barley and triticale. The new product already approved will be available in the market in the next cereal campaign.

This new specialty made in Sapec Agro Business was developed to meet a growing challenge of the phytopharmaceutical market, weeds less sensible to the most common herbicidal formulations and active substances combination, a problem that causes significant losses in the production of crops, reducing their profitability.

The synergy of these three active substances allows the reduction of the dose applied to 200 g / ha without compromising the effectiveness of the results, on the contrary, optimizing them, which translates into an economic benefit to the user and a smaller environmental impact.