Sapec Agro Business invited to explain Mass Spectrometry applied to the phytopharmaceutical industry at the International Technology Day Seminar

The prestigious seminar MS Technology Day, organized by Waters Company, will debut in the Portuguese capital on May 30th at Tryp Aeroporto Hotel in Lisbon from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This event is addressed to Mass Spectrometry, a technology that is increasing its value in analytical laboratories of chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Dr. Paulo Madeira, team leader of Sapec Agro Business Good Laboratory Practices, and his team: Eng. Sofia Pires specialized in Reverse Engineering and Eng. Ana Rute Rodrigues specialized in Synthesis and Screening of Technical products, were invited to share the results of this technology applied to the phytopharmaceutical sector. Sapec Agro Business, a reference leader in the Iberian market of plant protection products, uses this field of scientific knowledge to identify impurities in batch of active substances.

This well-known seminar, which has already passed through several European countries is arriving in Portugal to discuss the latest innovations in Mass Spectrometry. Ion mobility, Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS) or new sources of ionization are some of the topics on the agenda.

The event is free entry with mandatory registration until May 19. Click here if you want to know more information.