The Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ) organized a Seminar about “Principles of Good Laboratory Practices in OECD”. The event took place in Lisbon in 7th December and served as a sharing forum led by speakers of different industries. Along with IPQ and INFARMED (Portuguese Authority of Medicines and Health Products), representatives of the phytopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry were invited to share the procedures and methods applied in their companies that assure the quality and safety of their products.

Representing the phytopharmaceutical industry, was Sapec Agro Business on behalf of Dr. Helena Figueiredo, who performs the functions of Administration of Test Facilities in the scope of Good Laboratory Practices, is also in charge of the Residues and Toxicology Studies Service, in which three Good Laboratory Practices units of the company are integrated: Residues Lab, Residues Testing Unit and Microbiology and Cell Biology Lab.

The recognition of the practices according Good Laboratory Practices is a mandatory process for any unit that produces data to support the registration of plant protection products. The data is developed to assess the safety of plant protection products for public health, animals and the environment, being the GLP certification, the quality system which defines how studies should be planned, organized, conducted, how the data should be recorded, reported and archived, all in a way that ensure the quality, integrity, veracity and security of the data produced.

“Sapec Agro Business was one of the first companies in Portugal getting GLP certification. The areas of GLP recognition are the following: Physical and Chemical Laboratory, Residues Laboratory, the Residues Testing Unit and the Laboratory of Microbiology and Cell Biology. Sapec Agro Business path began in 2003 with equivalence trials for technical products and has been extended to all the knowledge areas mentioned above. This process has been gradual, with continuous training of the teams and state of art monitoring inherent to each technical-scientific area. This was undoubtedly a winning bet, the investment made contributes to the independence and success of our company, “ stated Dr. Helena Figueiredo, Sapec Agro Business representative at the Seminar organized by IPQ.